First Sunday Lord’s Supper

Some of us have desired to celebrate the Lord’s Supper more often than once a month. Indeed, while Scripture gives us no command on frequency, the early church may well have celebrated this ordinance every week.

At the same time, some have longed for a time of more spontaneous, simple worship, in which anyone present can pray aloud, sing a song, read a passage, share a brief insight from the Word, give an exhortation, or encourage someone present.

So on this Sunday at 8:30am, I will open in prayer and read a passage of Scripture – then be quiet. Anyone can then participate. When you consider how to participate, focus on one or more of the many precious truths represented in the Lord’s Supper – the incarnation, the cross, the resurrection, the return, the New Covenant, sin, mercy, substitution, adoption, indwelling, empowerment, unity, fellowship, and nourishment, among others. If there are several ways you would like to participate, choose one, lead us in that way – and then wait. If there is silence for a while, feel free to participate again.

There may well be occasions when we have several minutes of silence. This is fine. Spend that time in prayer or in reading the Word.

We will hand out lyric sheets including relevant songs that are relatively easy to sing without accompaniment – but there will be no plan to sing any of them. Feel free to lead us in one of these songs, but don’t feel limited by that selection. If you choose to lead us in another song, whoever knows the words can join you, or you can simply sing it for us.

Around 9am we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper. We will finish by 9:10.

We encourage you to join us – and may we worship our Lord in spirit and in truth through this service.

In Him, Coty