We Are Not

Seven Defining Negative Statements

  1. We are not timid. We value a strong confidence in God’s sovereignty, freeing us to take risks for Him in joyously giving of self, time, and money.
  2. We are not unemotional. We value broken, sorrowful hearts on account of our remaining sinfulness, and joyful hearts on account of God’s free grace.
  3. We are not isolationist. We value standing together and partnering with likeminded believers in Charlotte and around the world.
  4. We are not spectators. We value an atmosphere in which our elders and staff equip us for ministry, with each person being encouraged to expect great things from God and to attempt great things for God, as He develops the gifts He gives to each believer.
  5. We are not withdrawn from our society. We value pursuing justice, compassion, and mercy for the weak and the powerless.
  6. We are not tied to any political party. We value speaking biblical truth to the issues that confront our society, regardless of what parties might be made uncomfortable by the proclamation of that truth.
  7. Our leaders are not lords. We value leaders who are servants, who are transparent, who are accountable, who are humble, who live a modest lifestyle, and who have a team approach to ministry.