Our Vision

  1. Desiring God Community Church will include members of the nations here in Charlotte, with an active ministry to the nations, both those we find in our local community and those around the world. Within this church, we will be made up of a diversity of ethnic groups, ages, and races united by God’s love. We will live out true Christian community, so that the world might know that God has worked among us.
  2. We will raise up men and women who will serve the people groups both here and abroad, in long-term commitments to cross-cultural ministry as well as short term commitments. We will raise the vision of our entire congregation to God’s perspective through the prominence of missions in our teaching, in concentrated periods of study such as the Perspectives course, in our cooperation with mission agencies headquartered locally such as JAARS and SIM, and even in the visible display of our missionary partners in our building. From the beginning, we will devote at least twenty percent of our local contributions to missions.
  3. We will reach out with love, care, and evangelism to our neighbors and colleagues, focusing particularly on those who move into communities near us, aiming to contact every new individual or family who moves within a defined radius of the church, providing practical help and an opportunity to hear the gospel. Those who have moved from another country, such as international students at UNCC, will receive our special attention.
  4. Our teaching at all levels will be Bible-saturated, from sermons to small groups to youth ministries to children’s ministries. We will have a church-wide plan of Scripture memorization, and regularly reinforce the lessons of those verses.
  5. We will practice expository exultation from the pulpit, and will train up men who are gifted and able to preach. At an appropriate point in the life of our church, we will begin to host regional pastors conferences to encourage other pastors to become what God intends them to be.
  6. We will provide solid teaching on worship, so that our people understand that worship is valuing Christ more than everything in this world as we find our greatest joy in Him. Every element in our worship service will aim at exalting Christ, and enabling our people to delight in Him more and more fully. Thus, the essence of worship will be much more important to us than the form. Our worship forms will include new and old music from a variety of cultures – whatever will bring the greatest praise to God from our diverse body.
  7. Our worship service will be a unity, with songs, readings, and preaching all working together to communicate the truths of God’s Word to our minds, leading to an appropriate emotional response from our hearts.
  8. We will help our members to grow in grace and to fight the lifelong fight of faith: the fight to see Christ as their greatest joy every minute of every day. Each member will be part of a small group or discipling relationship where he can serve and be served, with all working together to encourage each other so that not one of us becomes hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.
  9. Acknowledging the remaining sinfulness in each of us, all of us – including leaders – will ask others to hold us accountable. When, despite this support and these accountability structures, a member falls into persistent sin, we will practice appropriate and loving church discipline, aiming to restore the member to fellowship, but being willing to separate for the good of the individual and the good of the church when necessary.
  10. Within the small group context, we will help believers to identify their spiritual gifts and to put them into practice, so that the body of Christ might grow and be built up in love as each member works properly.
  11. We will encourage our members to dream about what God might accomplish through them, and so to trust God that they are willing to step out in faith and take risks to fulfill those dreams.
  12. We will be led by a plurality of elders, some in full- time service and others not, all meeting the qualifications for elders found in Titus and 1 Timothy, and thus setting an example for all through their lives. With few exceptions, the elders will make decisions by consensus, with congregational affirmation of major decisions. The elders will be active in discipling men, helping to train them in order to raise up more qualified elders.
  13. We will provide several opportunities for corporate prayer each week, as well as extended periods of prayer and focused teaching on prayer for the entire congregation. We will partner with others in the area in praying for Charlotte through the Metrolina Prayer Network.
  14. We will aid parents to bring up their children by biblical principles, empowering parents to be the main source of spiritual instruction for their children.
  15. We aim to become the regional hub of a movement of God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated, prayer-powered, diversity-loving, missions-mobilizing, family-strengthening, disciple-producing, joy-pursuing churches, planting such churches, assisting others in planting such churches, serving as a resource for churches trying to transition into such a church, and encouraging and training church leaders who serve in such churches.