Our Denomination

Desiring God Community Church is under the day to day authority of its pastor and elders, who must be approved by the congregation. No denominational executives or committees have any authority over the local congregation.

However, DGCC is delighted to partner with other churches for the cause of spreading the gospel for the joy of all peoples – both those who live nearby and those who live on other continents. To help achieve these purposes, DGCC cooperates with the Southern Baptist Convention(SBC).

The SBC is best thought of as a parachurch organization – an organization that stands alongside of local churches, and helps them better accomplish the tasks to which God calls them.

Among the SBC agencies, we have closest contact with the International Missions Board, which recognizes us as part of the Global Priority Network of churches. We also much appreciate the work of the Founders Ministries, which is helping to move the SBC closer to the solid teaching of the founders of the denomination.